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Welcome to another CB Tricks mirror site!

Welcome to another mirror of the original CB Tricks!
Update Mar 2023 - Original cbtricks.com is showing a hosting page, hopefully its back up soon.
Update Jan 2023 - cbtricks.xyz is showing a hosting page
Update Jun 2022 - Original site back up please support and visit cbtricks.com

This is another mirror of cbtricks.com which has been down during 2021-2022-2023, allowing continued free access to user generated content unavailable to people without a working backup. You may find some pages are missing, just search google or check one the of the other mirror sites to see if they have it indexed. Remember archive.org also has indexed the original site.
All mirrored content is copyright the creator of CBTricks.com or the respective contributor.

This site began April 01, 2000 and provides FREE access to a wide variety of technically oriented information aimed at the Citizens Band, and Amateur, Radio market!
Our goal is to provide the most complete and accurate information possible to help beginner, and professional, radio operators and technicians.
Thanks for visiting with us!

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