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Russell Clift AB7IF
Discussion on coax theory, Roger Beep Schematic, Roger Fart Mod
Dosy TC-4002-PSW Owner's Manual
Wawasee Electronics JB-1002 FCM Owner's Manual
Toban's Web Site
Schematics, Questions and Answers
Bill Eitner
AM Tutorial
Rick Jackson (Euro Radio Co)
Diagram of the Cybernet PTBM121D4X Board which used in allot of CB radios of the mid 1970's to about 1982. This board is found in a number of multimodes, including the Lafayette 1800, Tristar 747, Hy-Gain V, Concorde II, and the Colt Excalibur Mk1 and many more.
The Part two has some mod and a PCB layout.
Cybernet PTBM121D4X Part1
Cybernet PTBM121D4X Part2
Diagram of the 10 Kc jump for the MB8719 PLL
Rick's Web-site Euro Radio Co
Rec Pre-Amp
ERC Voltage Dropper
  ERC Two Tone Test Generator
  ERC N-Channel Mosfet Tester
  ERC Crystal Tester
CB Lincoln43
Red Devll 250R Amp Schematic (Also covers Commander 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A)
Expo A kit install sheet using the ANL switch on the radio
Expo C and L kit install sheet using the ANL switch on the radio
Expo 100 Frequency Chart For Expo 100 A+ / L and A Kit
Cobra 148GTL Expo 100 L Kit Frequency Chart & 10Kc Jump Mod
Clarifier Conversion For Most Cobra and Uniden Sideband Radios
Poorman's Channel Conversion For the MB8719 PLL
Poorman's Channel Conversion For the MB8719 PLL one more way to do the mod.
SAY Electronics SPS-20 20amp Power supply Schematic
NPC-RC for Cherokee NR-100
NPC-RC for Cherokee NR-150
Don Craven

Excel Spreadsheet for the binary adder used in Galaxy DX Radios and other Ranger built Radios. (You must have Microsoft Excel to use this.)

Handy Andy
UNIDEN PC-122XL Power Enhancements
Andy's old website. Andy started a new life and moved on. He had many Fans and one of them had his website saved. I have tried many times to find him with no luck.

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