Technical Publications

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Technical Publications
U.S.Navy Neets U.S.Navy NEETS program
This is an excellent electronics training program
US Marine Corps Antenna Handbook
US Army Communications Electronics Fundamentals
Tektronix ABC's of Probes
Tektronix XYZs of Scopes
Tektronix Floating Oscilloscope Measurements and Operator Protection
Tektronix Sampling Oscilloscope Techniques
Pete Millet Here is a link to a great resource.
Pete's website is a depository for various audio designs and
projects - mostly tube - also he has scanned an ever-growing
amount of vintage technical data books relating to vintage
tube radio and tube audio.
He has one nice and useful website and you want to learn about tubes of just like reading some of the vintage books so go check it out.
General Interest
U.S.Navy Mathematics, Pre-Calculus and Introduction to Probability
U.S.Navy Mathematics, Trigonometry
U.S.Navy Mathematics, Basic Math and Algebra
U.S.Navy Mathematics, Introduction to Statistics, Number Systems and Boolean
U.S.Navy Tools and Their Uses
U.S.Navy Basic Machines
U.S.Navy Blueprint Reading and Sketching
U.S.Navy Fluid Power
U.S.Navy Time Conversion

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