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I have a few users of the site that has always asked if I have the site on CD so they could run it on their PC. Over the years (8years) I have tried to run this site free and open with donations only.
The donation model didn't work so 3 years ago I made a few CD's of parts of the site that help but never cover everything but I was very thankfull for what it did cover.

So this year I put together a set of DVD's of the site and offered them to users that wanted one.
Infomation on Site DVD's

CBTricks.com maintains a completely open ledger sheet and release our financial statement as public information. We feel that if we are going to accept your donations of time, effort, hardware and funds it is only fair that you be completely informed on where those resources are being spent.

ALL Donations are Anonymous so don't ask who donated what.

Then I get the following e-mail.

I was getting ready to turn over some maneuls that you do not have, but it likes like you are planning to start making a profit of what you do have, I will save them for some one who will provide free inf. I may just do it myself.

To me this was a slap in the face for all the hard work and money I have in the site. So if there is one that thinks the is some kind of money making scam there may be more.
Plus even if I did make a few bucks is that a bad thing? Anyway he doesn't have to worry I have never made a dime of this and that's is not why I put it up. I replied to his email and asked a few question but I didn't get a reply.

So I'm going to post the full cash outlay of this site here so you can see the behind the scenes of the cost of this site. I will learn from this also last year we where a little short but I didn't track every expense so I don't how short.

This year (2006) I will track all expenses just so we will know just for the hell of it plus you can see just how many donations we get and if I am making a killing off of it I want to know I may need to buy something. :).
Also if the day ever comes and I can't aford this thing you will understand.

And a word of THANKS to all the folks that have help make this one of the best Radio site on the net.

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