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Galaxy DX Radios
10 Meter Mobile Radios
DX29HP (New 2010)
DX33HML (Nov-2006 Stopped Production)
DX33HP (June-2009 Stopped Production)
DX44V (Nov-2006 Stopped Production)
DX45MP (Oct-2006 Stopped Production)
DX55V (Dec-2006 Stopped Production)
DX66V (Nov-2006 Stopped Production)
DX73V (May-2001 Stopped Production)
DX77HML (Mar-2005 Stopped Production)
DX88HL (Dec-2003 Stopped Production)
DX93T (Feb-2006 Stopped Production)
DX95T (Jan-2006 Stopped Production)
DX95T2 (MOSFET Final Version)
DX99V (Jul-2006 Stopped Production)
Galaxy Plus (No Longer manufactured)
10 Meter Base Radios
DX11B (No Longer manufactured)
DX22B (No Longer manufactured)
DX2517 (Dec-2006 Stopped Production)
DX2517 (MOSFET Final Version)
Serial No. T61000973 onward.
DX2527 (Dec-2000 Stopped Production)
CB Mobile Radios
DX919 (MOSFET Final Version)
Serial No. 91901501 onward (Note: Also Blue LED's).
DX929 (MOSFET Final Version)
Serial No. 92900001 onward.
DX949 (MOSFET Final Version)
Serial No. 94932752 onward.
DX959 (MOSFET Final Version)
Serial No. 95959418 onward.
DX979 (MOSFET Final Version)
Serial No. 97900001 onward. (Note: Also Blue LED's).
CB Base Radios
DX2547 (MOSFET Final Version)
Serial No. T71100001 onward.
Other Infomation
Galaxy DX Radios Echo and Robot Boards Section
Galaxy FC-347 Frequency Counter
Viagra Channel Mod for DX949, DX959, DX2547
  Galaxy DX Radios Sympton and Cure Database
Section Notes
  General Section Notes

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