About This Site

This non-commercial personal website was created to help promote the exchange of service, modification, technically oriented information, and historical information aimed at the Citizens Band, GMRS (CB "A" Band), MURS, Amateur Radios and RF Amps.

I started this site back in Oct 1998 on a Geocities free web server account with less than a 1 megabyte of files.
Well I found out why they are Free. So on 04-01-2000 it became feasible to obtain a stand-alone domain name and web hosting service. The domain name "cbtricks.com" became its new home on the Internet and with many thousands hours of work this site grown to over 7 gig bytes.

I hope you enjoy your visit here. For those of you who are old enough to remember Tram, Browning, Olson, and many other rigs there are some things here to help you enjoy a trip back in time when things were simpler.
This site is for the education and pleasure (and even entertainment!) of Two Way Radio Collectors, Radio and Antenna Manufacturer employees, students, teachers, and others interested in the technical information of radio electronics.

This site is not sponsored by or connected to any Retailer, Radio, Antenna Manufacturer or Amp Manufacturer, or affiliated with any site links shown in the links database. The use of product or company names on my web site is not endorsement of that product or company. (see disclaimer at bottom of this page.)
If your company would like to provide technical information to be featured on this site I will put up on the site as long as I can do it in a non-commercial way.

With donation from users, friends and selling of the Galaxy Service Manual CD to cover some of the costs of having this website on the Internet instead of relying on banner ads, pop-up ads, commercial links, etc. to pay my costs. Thus I do not accept advertising banners or pop-up/pop-under advertising or other marketing/sales links or gimmicks on my website.

I am very anti-spam and very anti-telemarketing so don't waste your time and mine!
Also don't waste your time sending me hate e-mail I don't reply to self-righteous Hams or CBers's.

Please understand that I have limited time for answering e-mail due to my family and work obligations (My wife, kids and looking after my Mon and Dad ) but will try my best to do what I can in response to your inquiries. I regret that I cannot do research for you. Your best bet is to post your questions in the CBricks forum.

Please do not ask me the value of a Radio; I am not an appraiser and have no reference material to guide you on values of radios.

I appreciate any comments or contributions in the form of documents, personal experiences, photos, etc. to include in this web site. Also contributions with coding, layout, graphics and etc of the site.

Radio modifications shown here are provided for properly licensed operators only!
The user is solely responsible for making sure that any modifications made to the radio unit must meet all Federal and State Regulations or the Country of use! Liability of damages to any equipment is the sole responsibility of the user! Downloading , viewing, or using any information provided on these pages automatically accepts the user to the terms of this agreement! Modifications are provided for information purposes only!

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This information is not provided by, or affiliated in any way with any radio or antenna Manufacturers.