Secret CB

Dates Published: November 1977 to September 1990
Published By: Selman Enterprises Inc.
Rod Johnson: Vol. 1 to Vol. 10
Vic Richter: Vol. 11 to Vol. 15
William G. Wentz Jr.: Vol. 16 to Vol. 27
Les Jernigan: Vol. 28 to Vol. 29
Format: Conventional magazine size of 8-1/2" x 11" saddle-stapled.

******** Read Below First ********

First a big thank you to the following people for helping with this project.
When I asked for help in the forum with the indexing Viking245 stepped up to help out.

I am not a big fan of some of the information that was printed in these books, for example the mod cut and peak and tune crap. Most of the listing where it says Tune up is not the way to setup a radio.

This is not the poor scans you see on the ebay CD's. I scanned all of these in high resolution and also expanded the index for each volume. Another thing you can open just the section you need without opening the complete book.

Note: The sort information by radio / brand index is not ready that this time. I held up releasing this years supporters update trying to get it complete but ran out of time for this release. In the next supporters update I plan to have the sort information by radio brand index completed.

This scan is of a friends Secret CB set that he donated to the site and has many notes and corrections he made in them. I scanned the pages notes and all (unlike the ebay version).

Most of the radio schematics where too small to read when Secret CB sized them to fit 8.5 x 11 pages. Many of the schematics I have in the main radio section that where scanned from a 11x17 page. So any schematic you see listed in the Secret CB section check the main radio section first.