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CB Horizons Cover Showcase

Publisher: Robert B. Cooper of the Horizons Publishing Corporation
Editor: Tom Kneitel, W4XAA

Dates Published: June 1961 to ????

Format: Digest approx. 5" x 7" saddle-stapled

January 1960, Cooper published the first edition of DXing Horizons which later broke into four parts - TV Horizons, Communication Horizons, VHF Horizons, and CB Horizons. TV Horizons was the first technical magazine for the cable TV industry.

From 1956 onwards, Cooper wrote articles for Popular Electronics, which introduced readers to long distance television reception (TV DX). From 1956 to February 1960 he compiled and wrote the Radio-Electronics TV-FM DX Column.

In 1954, Cooper founded the AIPA (American Ionospheric Propagation Association), which was the forerunner of the WTFDA (Worldwide TV-FM DX Association).

From 1971 through 1974, he founded and ran CADCO - the leading edge TV and FM reception hardware technology firm from Oklahoma City.

From 1974 to 1979, he created and edited CATJ - Community Antenna Television Journal.

In 1990, Cooper moved to Mangonui, Far North, New Zealand, where he continues to publish several trade journals dealing with Satellite, and DVB-T (digital terrestrial) reception.