MOSFET Experiment Information

Documentation Project

This is an on going project, so check back for updates.
I hope to get people to try the mod and experiment with it and (Share) detailed
improvements or problems they run across.

If by chance you have ideals of improvement of the information or questions.
Post you findings in the forums at the following link. in the
10 Meter & CB Radios Radio Repair and Troubleshooting Discussions
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CBTricks Ranger Chassis MOSFET Upgrade Sheets
Chassis Chassis Mode Document Version File
EPT3600xxx AM/FM 1.0 3600xxx_am_fm_mosfet.pdf
EPT3600xxx AM/FM/SSB 2.5 3600xxx_ssb_mosfet.pdf
EPT6900xxx AM/FM 1.0 6900xxx_am_fm_mosfet.pdf
EPT6900xxx AM/FM/SSB 1.2 6900xxx_ssb_mosfet.pdf
EPT0696xxx AM/FM/SSB    

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