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Please note that these products, even though shown here under a different name,
are now combined and distributed by the newly revived Palomar Electronics.
This company is a revival of the original Palomar Electronics and well known for
their quality products in the past. The original founders of Palomar Electronics have
now passed away, including Sam Lewis Jr. (RF Limited) of whom will be sorely missed
in the industry! Eric Lewis has now taken charge of that company and will eventually move all
of the past and famous brands back under the original Palomar Brand name!


The RFX85 is an upgraded version of the RFX75. Most of the install sheets and information from the RFX75 can be used on the RFX85.
The addition of a regulated Bias Voltage to each of the MosFets creates a more stable invironment for the devices and better performance.

RFX85 & RFX85 HD General Information

ERF7530 Datasheet Rev 2.0

General Information and Help Guides
General Installation Instructions Guide
Mounting Template

Service Bulletins
RFX85 Parts Layout
RFX85 Schetatic Diagram

Install Guides RFX 85 (There will be more brands and models soon so check back)
Doc. Rev.
Cobra 25
Cobra 29
Cobra 148 (New Model)
EPT3600xxx Chassis Radios
Galaxy DX929 MOSFET Final Version
Galaxy DX939, DX949, DX959 and Ranger 396, 696, 966 (MOSFET Version)
Magnum S-3, Magnum S-6, and Magnum S-9 10 Meter Amateur Transceivers with Main Printed Circuit Board Numbers* 9821R17 through 9821R21
Uniden 68 series radios
RFX85 install sheet for the uniden 880
Install an ERF2030 MOSFET RF Transistor in a Uniden Bearcat 880


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