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Forums on the System

Legal/Political Discussions
Discussions on Legal/Political, Paranormal and FCC rule changes.

General Discussions
Totaly open forum. Discuss any thing that's not in the other topic areas.

CBtricks Website Suggestions And Comments
We post Website updates here and have discussions on ways to make this a great place.

Jokes that the whole family can enjoy.

Radio Repair/Troubleshooting Discussions
Discussions on Repair/Troubleshooting CB Radios.

Radio Modification/Conversion Discussions
Discussions on issues and theory of Modification/Conversion to CB Radios.

RF Amp Repair/Troubleshooting Discussions
Discussions on issues and theory of Modification,Conversion and Repair of RF Amps.

Computers and Radios Discussions on working with interfacing computers to radios and Packet Radio.

Radio Events & Announcements
Post details of Radio events going on around the world.

For Sale / Trade
A place where individuals can post items for sale or items you are currently looking for. (Radio/Test gear) No commercial Ads Please

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