Disclaimer :
When repairing RF amplifiers there will be a few things out to get you.

1. High Voltage
2. RF Radiation
3. Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
4. Heat

Do not open up your amplifier unless you know what you are doing!
Tube amps work with lethal voltages that can remain in the amp even after it is unplugged.
If you don't know how to discharge filter caps and how to safely work on your amp,
don't try it. If you or your amp die, I am not responsible.

Some tests necessary to repairing a tube RF amplifier may require you to perform
operations inside the amplifier with voltage on. These tests can be hazardous to
perform if you do not know the specific methods to do them safely.
Such hazardous tests the author does not recommend that you should perform these tests, especially if you do not already have the skills and experience to do them without harming yourself, other people, or the amplifier you're working on.
These skills are not things that you can safely learn by yourself from reading some text.

A good plce to start are the following web sites.

Safety Guidelines for High Voltage and/or Line Powered Equipment.

RF Radiation Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)


This disclaimer is not intended to teach you how to do these tests safely.
If you need to do any test on the inside of the amplifer chassis, you do not already
know how to do such tests safely, take your amplifier to a qualified service technician.
Saving a few bucks is not worth endangering your life.

If you have any question in your own mind about being able to do any test safely don't do it.
The best way is to learn the requirements and practices for safety in tube equipment is to find and read tube and equipment manuals and THEN FIND someone who will teach you one on one.

Also Factory schematic may have errors in them so always keep safely in mind.

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